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Table 1 Description of the yearly regional variables used in the models, Colombia 1980–2010

From: The public health impact of economic fluctuations in a Latin American country: mortality and the business cycle in Colombia in the period 1980–2010

Variable Period available Units Source
Registry of deaths [29] 1979–2012 Number of deaths National Office of Statistics [DANE]
Population (censuses and estimations) [29] 1985–2020 Inhabitants
GDP per capita [51] 1980–1995 and 2000–2013 Constant 2005 Colombian Pesos (COP)
Enrolment to college [40] 2000–2012 Percentage of enrolled students to post-secondary education among the population aged 16–24 Ministry of education
Subsidized regime – affiliated population [41] 1995–2010 Percentage of population insured in the subsidized scheme over total population National Department of Planning [DNP]
Contributive regime – affiliated population [41] 1996–2010 Percentage of population insured in the contributive scheme over total population
Transfers to health [42] 1994–2013 Constant 2005 Colombian Pesos (COP)