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Table 8 Availability of CCI related service coverage indicators and their data sources

From: Indicators for Universal Health Coverage: can Kenya comply with the proposed post-2015 monitoring recommendations?

UHC Health service coverage indicators Potential tracer indicators for the aggregate CCIs-related service coverage measures (n = 27 indicators) Indicator available Data sources
Aggregate: A measure of CCIs-related service coverage that is an aggregate of single priority interventions to address the burden of NCDs, including mental health and injuries Percentage with hypertension diagnosed and receiving treatment No  
Probability of dying between the exact ages of 30 and 70 from any of cardiovascular disease cancer diabetes or chronic respiratory disease No  
Age-standardised prevalence of diabetes (based on HbA1c levels), hypertension, cardiovascular disease and chronic respiratory disease No  
Age-standardised mean population intake of salt (sodium chloride) per day in grams in persons aged 18+ No  
Prevalence of persons aged 18+) consuming less than five total servings (400g) of fruit and vegetable per day No  
Fraction of calories from added saturated fats and sugars No  
Hepatitis B vaccination coverage No  
Percentage of the population that is overweight and obese Not Yet a survey proposed
Prevalence of insufficient physical activity No  
Human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccination coverage No  
Percentage of women with cervical cancer screening Yes routine facility data
Arthritis treatment coverage No  
Spectacle coverage No  
Dental coverage No  
Road traffic deaths per 100,000 Yes Vital registration and Traffic department records.
Harmful use (consumption) of alcohol No  
Current use of any tobacco product Yes NACADA
Smoking cession rates No  
Additional indicators   
Angina treatment coverage No  
Cardiovascular diseases preventive drug therapy for high risk groups No  
Diabetes treatment coverage No  
Coverage of pain relief No  
Asthma/COPD treatment coverage No  
Depression treatment coverage No  
Cataract surgery coverage No  
Coverage with rapid emergency response No  
Equity: A measure of CCI service coverage for the poorest 40% of the population   No  
  1. NACADA: National Authority for the Campaign against Alcohol and Drug Abuse.
  2. Data sourced from GOK documents [25],[42].