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Table 6 Availability of MDG related service coverage indicators and their data sources

From: Indicators for Universal Health Coverage: can Kenya comply with the proposed post-2015 monitoring recommendations?

UHC Health service coverage indicators indicator Potential tracer indicators for aggregate MDGs-related interventions (n = 22 indicators) Indicator available Data source.
Aggregate: A measure of MDG-related service coverage that is an aggregate of single intervention coverage measures Need satisfied for family planning Yes Routine facility data/KDHS.
Skilled birth attendance Yes
DPT3 immunisation coverage Yes
Serious acute child illness coverage (Percentage of Health Facilities providing treatment as per the IMCI guidelines) Yes Supervision reports/Kenya service provision assessment survey
Household ownership of insecticide treated nets (ITNs) Yes Malaria Indicator survey
Tuberculosis treatment coverage Yes TB programme reports
Ante-retroviral treatment (ART) coverage Yes routine facility data (NASCOP reports)
PMTCT service coverage Yes
Additional coverage indicators
Contraceptive use Yes routine facility data/KDHS
ANC 4+ visits Yes
Institutional deliveries Yes
Postnatal care visit within two days of childbirth (%) Yes
Measles, BCG, polio, hepatitis B, Influenza coverage among older people No  
Suspected pneumonia treated with antibiotic Yes routine facility data/KDHS
Diarrhoea treated with oral rehydration salts (ORS) Yes
Coverage of exclusive breast feeding Yes KDHS
Intermittent prevention treatment (IPT) during pregnancy Yes Malaria programme reports/ malaria indicator survey
Fever treated with antimalarials Yes Routine facility data/Malaria indicator survey/KDHS
Households with indoor residual spraying (IRS). Yes Malaria indicator survey
TB case detection rate (the number of estimated new TB cases detected in a given year using the DOTS approach) expressed as a percentage of all new TB cases) Yes TB programme reports
Male circumcision rates Yes KAIS
Condom use at higher risk sex Yes KAIS
Equity: A measure of MDG-related service coverage for the poorest 40% of the population   Yes Surveys mentioned above.
  1. KAIS: Kenya AIDS Indicator survey; KDHS: Kenya demographic health survey; KSPA: Kenya service provision assessment survey; NASCOP: National AIDS and STI Control Programme.
  2. Data sourced from various Government of Kenya (GoK) documents [22],[32],[39],[43],[44],[46]-[50].