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Table 1 Themes, Codes and Participant Comments from Focus Group Discussion

From: "We can move forward": challenging historical inequity in public health research in Solomon Islands

Emergent Themes Codes emerging from focus group data Focus Group Discussion participant comments
Responses to results of the Literature Search Who is doing public health research in Solomon Islands We need to do more research ourselves
and not (shouldn't be) from outside
Outside people [are] doing research
Need to have more Solomon Islanders so have the best interests of the country
  When was the research done A lot of research done many years back and there is more needed to keep up to date. We need to keep up and have current knowledge
The research in 1980s we need to look at this but also current
  Amount of research There should be more studies
There are lots of things to be surveyed
  Types of research There is more on description
We need to move on invitation to make changes
When look at Solomons- need to have current research on interventions
Good to have description
  Value of research Looking at literature is important
Need to look at this and learn from it
  Gaps in literature There are not many articles about nursing practice in Solomon Islands
This is important given the role of nursing in SI
Opportunities for research action Identified Opportunities To look at approaches and have real data
Look at approaches to decreasing diseases
We need to increase research
Have not had expectations to do publications but now looking at doing this
Want to do things about nursing practice and management
Solomon Islands need to have a good understanding of research
Need to start on small research and then more questions will come and we will learn from this. This research will work as a catalyst for more
Need simple area (of research)
You need to be clear about your area of research
Moving Forward: Mentoring and Support Research support needs Many are new to research
How to look at research is difficult
Some of us want to do it (research) but have no knowledge of how to write articles.
We need help to increase research practice
Some people have done research but not published it
We need mentors and continuous support to do good research from this and have good results
After this we might be frustrated and not have anyone to support us