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Table 2 Asset categories and components of the Household wealth index and Physical, Public and Human capital

From: Comparison of physical, public and human assets as determinants of socioeconomic inequalities in contraceptive use in Colombia - moving beyond the household wealth index

SEP dimension Indicator categories Components Household wealth index
Physical capital Housing characteristics Floor materials X
   Wall materials X
   Toilet inside/outside household X
  Durable consumer goods Shower X
   Phone X
   Radio X
   TV X
   Fridge X
   Blender X
   Stereo X
   Washing machine X
   DVD X
   Computer X
   Electric/gas range X
   Electric/gas oven X
   Microwave X
   Vacuum or Floor polisher X
   Hot water heater X
   AC X
   VCR X
   Motorcycle or scooter X
   Car or truck X
   Fan X
  Dwelling type Self contained X
   Apartment X
   Rents in someone's home X
   Rents in other type of building X
   Other type X
   No. of members per sleeping room X
   Domestic worker X
Public capital Publicly provided services Electricity X
   Aqueduct X
   Private toilet connected to sewer X
   Shared toilet connected to sewer X
   Access to natural gas X
   Waste collected by the government X
Human capital Women's level of education None