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Figure 1

From: Policy characteristics facilitating primary health care in Thailand: A pilot study in transitional country

Figure 1

Comprehensiveness of Primary Care Services. NB. The horizontal access refers to the different services as indicated in the questionnaire items. This graph shows the 4-scale responses (1, Definitely Not; 2, Mostly Not; 3, Mostly; 4, Definitely) to the question "To what extent do primary health care facilities or practices deliver each of the following services?" : (1) Vaccinations for children, (2) Illnesses care for children, (3) Illnesses care for adults, (4) Illnesses care for the elderly, (5) Prenatal care/safe delivery, (6) Family planning services, (7) Care of sexually transmitted diseases, (8) Treatment of tuberculosis, (9) Treatment of minor injuries, (10) Counseling about alcohol and tobacco use, (11) Minor surgery, (12) Non-major mental health problems, (13) Care for chronic illness, (14) Health education, (15) Screening/treatment of parasitic diseases, (16) Nutrition program, (17) School-based services.

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