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Table 8 Evaluation of interaction effects between lack of social capital and poverty on poor SRH (adjusted odds ratios)

From: How are individual-level social capital and poverty associated with health equity? A study from two Chinese cities

Indicators neighbourhood cohesion (NC) reciprocity and social support (RSS)
  high low high low
Non-poverty 1 1.28(0.85–1.91) 1 1.30 (0.87–1.95)
Poverty 2.09 (1.42–3.08) 2.88(1.96–4.24) 2.03(1.37–3.02) 2.99 (2.04–4.39)
P 00 15.1%   16.8%  
Synergy index 1.22   1.28  
  1. Except for the two variables whose interaction effect was analysed, the other variables (gender, age, ethnicity, education level, marriage status, residence district, with or without chronic illness, and the other four social capital variables) were controlled for using logistic regression models.