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Table 2 Proportion of males and females accessing ART in Malawi

From: Who has access to counseling and testing and anti-retroviral therapy in Malawi – an equity analysis

Projected populationi HIV prevalenceii Estimated Infected populationiii Number ever accessed ARTiv Proportion on treatment
Male Female Male Female Male Female Male Female Male Female
6,275,533 6,482,350 10% 13% 627,553 648,235 33,617 51,551 5.2% 8.2%
  1. iNational Statistical Office projected population based on the 1998 Malawi Population and Housing Census
  2. iiMalawi Demographic and Health Survey 2004
  3. iiiProportion calculated from projected population and the HIV prevalence
  4. ivMoH report on patients accessing ART, MoH 2007