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Table 3 GPs' current practice in regard to treatment for substance misuse (N = 53)

From: Perceptions of substance use, treatment options and training needs among Iranian primary care physicians

Current treatment practices a % or n
I conduct diagnostic physiological assessments  
   No 75%
   Blood, heart, lung test 18%
   Blood test only 4%
   Spirometry 4%
I prescribe medications for detoxification  
   No 61%
Treatments I commonly use are b :  
   Counselling or psychotherapy 20
   Nicotine patch 11
   Non-specified medication 8
   Personal/family responsibility 4
   Alternative therapy 3
   Other 7
   Don't know 4
I provide the following relapse information b :  
   Avoid or reduce contact with drug users 8
   Psychological/personal determination factors most important 7
   Family/friends/social support important 6
   Recommend counselling or pharmacotherapy 6
   No relapse problems 2
   Don't know 2
   Other 10
I refer to social workers or detoxification units  
   No 39%
   Yes, some patients 43%
   Yes, all patients 7%
   Yes, if patient is willing 5%
   Not applicable 7%
  1. aData missing: n = 7–25
  2. bDoes not sum to 53, because some GPs gave more than one answer and some gave no answer