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Table 1 Focus group guide questions

From: Strategies to prevent HIV transmission among heterosexual African-American women

1. Do you perceive AIDS as a threat to the African American community and why?
2. What are the perceived roles of women in heterosexual relationships in the African American community?
3. What are the expectations for personal and sexual responsibilities for contraception and sexually transmitted diseases prevention among African American women?
4. What situations have placed you at risk for HIV infection in the past?
5 How have alcohol and drug use placed you at risk of HIV infection?
6. What are the things that motivate you to practice safe sex?
7. What are the things or barriers that prevent you from practicing safe sex
8. Why do you think that AIDS is spreading so rapidly in the African American community?
9. What information do you think we need to include in a videotape developed to train African Americans about HIV prevention that will encourage them to watch the videotapes?
10. Do you have any other suggestions on how AIDS can be prevented in the African American community?
11. What can we do to get people to sign up for focus groups such as this one and also get them to participate in HIV/AIDS training programs?
12. What can we do to make these training programs most useful to you?