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Table 1 Asset items included in the indices (Indonesia)

From: Measuring health inequality among children in developing countries: does the choice of the indicator of economic status matter?

  WB index Index 1 Index 2 Index 3
electricity X X X  
radio or tape recorder X X X X
television X X X X
refrigerator X X X X
bicycle X X X X
motorcycle or motorboat X X X X
car X X X X
gas stove X X X X
kerosene stove X X X X
electric stove X X X X
public toilet X    
private toilet X    
bush, field as latrine X    
other latrine X    
drinking water piped in residence X    
drinking water piped into yard X    
drinking river, canal, surface water X    
drinking from public faucet (piped) X    
drinking from well with pump X    
drinking rainwater X    
other drinking water X    
drinking from protected well X    
drinking from unprotected well X    
dirt, sand, dung floor X X   
wood, plank floor X X   
ceramic, marble floor X X   
brick floor X X   
bamboo floor X X   
cement, ceramic tile floor X X   
other floor X X   
tile roof X X   
concrete roof X X   
asbestos or zinc roof X X   
wooden roof X X   
leaves roof X X   
other roof X X   
wall of bamboo or wood planks X X   
other wall X X   
bamboo wall X X   
clay brick wall X X   
  1. X shows the items that were included in the respective asset indices