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Table 3 Summary measures of inequality in the spatial distribution of health workers, according to occupation

From: Uses of population census data for monitoring geographical imbalance in the health workforce: snapshots from three developing countries

  Kenya Mexico Viet Nam
Gini coefficient:    
   Total health workers 0.287 0.155 0.150
   Health professionals 0.497 0.173 0.259
   Nursing and midwifery personnel 0.277 0.154 0.220
   Other health associate professionals 0.263 0.255 0.156
Level of geographical disaggregation:    
   Administrative level Province State Region
   Number of units 8* 32 8
  1. Source: IPUMS census microdata samples * Note: Kenya was divided into 9 provinces at the time of the 1989 census; North and South Rift Valley provinces were combined to represent the country's current situation.