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Table 1 Comparison between CMS and NCMS organized by Chinese government

From: Medical insurance policy organized by Chinese government and the health inequity of the elderly: longitudinal comparison based on effect of New Cooperative Medical Scheme on health of rural elderly in 22 provinces and cities

Source official document Prospectus (draft) of cooperative medical scheme for rural areas[27] The State Council forwards the notice released by the Ministry of Health regarding the establishment of the New Cooperative Scheme for rural areas.
Year of issue December 15, 1979 January 16, 2003
Goal To protect the health of community members and develop agricultural production To relieve the financial burden on farmers because of illness and improve their health
Principle   Voluntary participation, multi-party financing, and fixed income support. A pilot is conducted before the scheme is established gradually
Organization and management The production team constructs cooperative medical stations (clinics) and establishes a committee composed of cadres, representatives, and health staff. The county (district) generally initiates coordination while the province (city) sets up a coordination group.
Financing Raised by individuals and organizations (Community chest) that participate in CMS Raised through individual contributions, collective support, and government funding
Management of funds Managed by the production team or community health care workers Managed by the NCMS management committee and its agencies