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Table 4 Themes categories and subcategories of program implementers’ experiences of implementing conditional cash transfer schemes for girl children in Ballabgarh

From: “No one says ‘No’ to money” – a mixed methods approach for evaluating conditional cash transfer schemes to improve girl children’s status in Haryana, India

Themes identified Categories Subcategories
“Conspiracy of silence” Undervalue the seriousness of problem Restrict the problem to specific groups (Only those with many girls discriminate; This is not seen in urban areas; seen only in slums due to lack of awareness)
Complete denial of its presence (Have not seen this problem in my area)
Overrate the effectiveness of the program The problem is decreasing
The program has been very effective
Passive involvement of community in the program Lack of awareness about the programs
Anganwadi workers filling the forms house to house
Clash between the political culture of subsidy and bureaucratic approach of accountability A culture of subsidies Nobody says no to free money
Mainly come forward to claim money, no real change
Why not give it to first child also
“Politician giveth away but Bureaucracy taketh away” Presence of other schemes like free education, Kanyadaan etc. which also give free subsidies
Bureaucratic approach of the program Too many conditionalities
Need for documentation
   Delay in release of certificates