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Table 2 Community perceptions about girl child and government schemes on it (n = 200)

From: “No one says ‘No’ to money” – a mixed methods approach for evaluating conditional cash transfer schemes to improve girl children’s status in Haryana, India

Respondents who Proportion (%)
Believed that society differentiates in bringing up of boys and girls 47
Believed that the girl child is discriminated because she is considered a “paraya dhan” (Others’ asset) 41
Said that pregnant women is pressurized by her spouse/in laws to go for sex determination 77
Estimated that more than 50% of the families in their villages go for sex determination tests 36
Said that government has not done enough to address the problem 68
Suggested following measures that government can take to address this issue  
• Financial help to the families with girl children 79
• Penalties to those going for sex determination 25
Said that there was an improvement in the attitude towards girl child in last few years 72.5
Were aware of  
• Existence of any girl child related schemes 56%
• Apni Beti Apna Dhan (ABAD) 15%
• Laadli 9%