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Table 1 Summary of conditional cash transfer schemes for girl children in Haryana State

From: “No one says ‘No’ to money” – a mixed methods approach for evaluating conditional cash transfer schemes to improve girl children’s status in Haryana, India

Scheme Apni Beti Apna Dhan (Our daughter, our wealth) LAADLI (Favourite girl)
Source of funds & year of launch Government of Haryana Government of Haryana
October 1994 August 2005
Beneficiary/conditions Listed Disadvantaged groups (Scheduled and backward castes and Below Poverty line) Resident of Haryana on the birth of a second girl child conditional to completion of immunization and schooling.
Benefits/Penalties US$ 10 to the mother within 15 days of birth. US$ 100 per family per year upto 5 years invested in Government Bonds. Given at the age of the second girl attaining the age of 18 (matures to around US$ 2000).
Bonds of US$ 50 in the name of Child within 3 months to mature to US$ 500 by year 18.
In 1995, scheme expanded to offer a higher maturity amount for girls willing to defer redeeming their securities: Rs. US$ 600 for 2 yrs, or US$ 700 for 4 yrs.
Actual beneficiaries/Achievements 2003-04 – 52,501 mothers enrolled in the state Haryana – 49,558 in 2007–08 with US$ 5 million expenditure and in Faridabad Dist.- 2239
Cumulatively up to March 2010–1,03,613 families have benefited and US$ 24 million spent
  Not for the first girl child
Prevents early marriage as well. Prevents early marriage as well. Has been extended for next five years.