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Table 3 Computed relative risks of developing incident multimorbidity for those with selected baseline characteristics among a cohort of the 1988 Armenian earthquake survivors (valid N = 577)*

From: Short and long term determinants of incident multimorbidity in a cohort of 1988 earthquake survivors in Armenia

Characteristics RR** 95% CI P value
Baseline body mass index 1.01 1.00–1.02 0.006
Perceived poor living standards during post-earthquake 10 years 1.12 1.03–1.22 0.008
Number of stressful life events 1.03 1.02–1.04 0.000
  1. N number of cases.
  2. CI confidence interval.
  3. *Generalized linear model, with a log link, normal distribution, and robust variance estimator.
  4. **RR relative risk, adjusted also for current low affordability of healthcare, current good social support, and current education.