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Figure 1

From: Worldwide socioeconomic status and stroke mortality: an ecological study

Figure 1

Linear regression between stroke mortality (per 100, 000 per year) in the latest available three years and HDI in 1960 and HDI in 1999 in the group aged 4554 years. Abbreviations: ARG Argentina, AUS Australia, AUT Austria BEL Belgium BRA Brazil, CAN Canada, CHE Switzerland, CHL Chile, COL Colombia, CRI Costa Rica, DEU Germany, DNK Denmark, ECU Ecuador, ESP Spain, FIN Finland, FRA France, GRC Greece, GBR United Kingdom, HKG Hong Kong, HRV Costa Rica, HUN Hungary, IRL Ireland, ITA Italy, ISR Israel, JPN Japan, KOR Korea, Rep. of; MUS Mauritius, MEX Mexico, NLD Netherlands, NOR Norway, NZL New Zealand; PAN Panama, PRT Portugal, PRY Paraguay, SGP Singapore, SLV El Salvador, SWE Sweden, USA United States of America, VEN Venezuela, URY Uruguay.

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