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Table 1 Descriptions of the five (5) major MHO promoters included in the study

From: Mapping of initiatives to increase membership in mutual health organizations in Benin

Starting year for MHOs 1995 1999 2006 (previously PHRplus) 1996 2003
# of MHOs 30 25 28 13 6
Type Third-party payment Third-party payment Third-party payment Combines personal health savings for small risks with third-party payment for big risks Third-party payment
Members in good standing (premiums paid up to date) Insurance for Families = 20 118 2 353 2 823 2 750 11 808
Student Insurance =16 434
Other products: 565
Premiums (variations exist for each MHOs) Insurance for Families: Fees based on family size 200 F CFA per person per month 200 F CFA per person per month (annual payment is encouraged) Three options available between 15 000 and 25 000 F CFA per family per year For the one (1) MHO affiliated with the State: 600 F CFA per person per month
Student Insurance: 350 F CFA per student per year 65% of the premium is for individual health savings, 30% for the solidarity fund (risk sharing), 5% for management. In addition, members must replenish any health savings paid out during the previous year.
Maternity without Risks: 350 F CFA per individual in the village per year
Method of enrolment Insurance for Families: Voluntary individual enrolment Voluntary family enrolment Voluntary family enrolment For the MHO affiliated with the State: individual enrolment and automatic enrolment of members of groups that joined the MHO
Voluntary family enrolment   Families of up to 11 members.  
In some cases, families must join a small subgroup of MHO members in their neighbourhood to enrol   
All collective products:   
Automatic enrolment of members of groups that joined the MHO   
Coverage Depends on MHOs, but Insurance for Families usually covers 75% of fees for ambulance, prenatal consultations, hospitalizations, urgent surgeries and complicated deliveries in hospitals, deliveries and observation in local health centres Covers 75% of services in health care centres and 60% of services in hospital. Covers from 75% to 80% of services offered in the government’s Minimum Package of Activities in health care centres and hospital care Health savings: Covers healthcare services offered in peripheral healthcare centres. Solidarity (risk sharing): Covers, completely or partially, fees for evacuation to a hospital Depends on the MHO
Student Insurance: Covers 100% of ambulance fees and hospitalizations, including medication and surgeries, for problems arising during school hours For the MHO affiliated with the government: Covers 70% of health fees
Maternity without Risks: Covers deliveries and prenatal consultations of women in the village