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Table 4 Variables associated with female gender in a multivariate analysis*

From: Gender differential on characteristics and outcome of leprosy patients admitted to a long-term care rural hospital in South-Eastern Ethiopia

  OR 95% CI P value
Age 0.97 0.96 - 0.98 <0.001
Admission for cardiovascular diseases 7.6 1.9 - 29.3 0.004
Admission from the OPD 2.4 1.1 - 4.0 0.03
Admission for gastroenteritis 14.0 1.7-117 0.02
Died as final outcome 3.1 1.2 - 8.0 0.02
  1. NOTE: OR: odds ratio; 95% confidence intervals (CI); OPD: outpatient clinic.
  2. * Variables with p-value < 0.25 in univariate analysis were included in the logistic regression model. They were: origin of patients, age of patients WHO classification, old or new paucibacillary or multibacillary leprosy cases, admission from field or OPD, died as final outcome, and infected skin ulcer, cardiovascular diseases, gastroenteritis, chronic liver diseases, eyes problems, peptic ulcer, and mental disorder as cause of admission.