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Table 1 Examples of healthy living initiatives in BC and ON according to intervention type: lifestyle-based, environment-based and structure-based

From: Social determinants of health in Canada: Are healthy living initiatives there yet? A policy analysis

Lifestyle-based Physical Activity Line Healthy Babies, Healthy Children (HBHC)
  A free telephone resource for British Columbians to receive information and advice from exercise physiologists on physical activity and healthy living. Screening of children up to the age of 6 as well as parenting support, referrals and information on healthy practices such as breastfeeding, infant care and infant nutrition.
Environment-based Farm to School Salad Bar Bill 8: Healthy Food for Healthy Schools Act
  A program that connects schools with local farms in order to increase students' access to healthier food (e.g. fresh produce). An amendment to ON's Education Act limiting the amount of transfats that can be sold on school property through means such as vending machines, special events and cafeterias.
Structure-based Everybody Active! Nutritious Food Basket
  A grants program for communities to begin a dialogue on how to address barriers to physical activity. It also provides resources on how social determinants of health such as poverty and social exclusion affect access to physical activity. A survey tool that municipal boards of health are required to use in order to calculate the cost of nutritious food. This can be used to monitor how affordable and accessible foods are by comparing them to income levels of ON households