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Table 4 Relationship between the use of family planning methods and user characteristics

From: Factors determining family planning in Catalonia. Sources of inequity

Use of family planning methods Chi-square (V Cramer) p-value Interpretation (use less)
Age in quartiles 10.959 (0.117) 0.012 Aged 39-49
Place of birth 37.361 (0.216) 0.000 European Union and Central-South America use more Africans and Asians use less
Level of education 8.630 (0.104) 0.013 Primary education lessHigher education more
Basic origin 4.915 (0.078) 0.000 Immigrants
Having children under 14 10.971 (0.176) 0.001 Not having children
  1. No differences with regard to sex, type of family planning methods used, chronic illness, self-perceived health and income.