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Table 2 A comparison of priority groups identified in the BC Core Functions Framework and select Model Core Program Papers

From: Equity in public health standards: a qualitative document analysis of policies from two Canadian provinces

Framework: Resource document

Dental health

Healthy infant and child development

Healthy living

Health emergency management

Healthy communities

Aboriginal people

Adults in care

Teen mothers

Aboriginal people

Residents of group homes

Aboriginal communities

Ethno-cultural communities and people of colour

Low income people

Aboriginal people

People with limited income

Elderly (especially the frail elderly)

Mental health groups

Women, where they are at special risk, or for female-specific conditions

Pregnant women and families

Immigrants, refugees and diverse cultural groups

Immigrant populations

People with physical and mental disabilities

Immigrant groups

Men, where they are at special risk, or for male-specific conditions

People with developmental disabilities


Seniors in care

Ethnic minorities

Low-income seniors

People with disabilities


Infants and children






People with low incomes


Residents of remote, rural, or northern communities


Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people