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Table 1 Questions developed iteratively to analyse key documents

From: Equity in public health standards: a qualitative document analysis of policies from two Canadian provinces

Preliminary questions 1. Are the following terms mentioned in the documents? Where are they mentioned?
  a. equity, equities
  b. inequity, inequities
  2. Are equity/equities or inequity/inequities explicitly defined in the documents?
  3. In what context is equity/equities or inequity/inequities mentioned?
  4. Is improving equity or reducing inequity an explicit goal?
Secondary questions 1. What proxy terms are used to relate to equity?
  2. Is the definition of equity in the ON and BC documents related to social justice?
  3. Is addressing health inequities in the ON and BC documents equated with addressing structural conditions that produce inequities?
  4. Is there reference to the SDOH in the ON and BC documents, and if so, what are the expectations of PH (explicitly or implicitly) in addressing them?
  5. Are there specific examples of certain populations to focus on? E.g. low-income, Aboriginal, etc
  6. To what extent is accountability to address inequities mentioned or considered in the docs?
  7. Are there specific actions recommended or expected from PH in addressing health inequities?
Tertiary questions 1. How does equity intersect with accessibility?
  2. Are there unexpected or unusual ideas about equity that appear?
  3. Are there programs or standards where equity seems to have been missed?