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Table 1 Families classified by indicators of material hardship

From: Cultural repertoires and food-related household technology within colonia households under conditions of material hardship

Family Food Insecurity Housing Residents/ Rooms Clothing Health Health Care Access
1 uncertainty, quality, quantity, acceptability jacked, lighting, heat, insulation, hot-water, structure 7/4 clothing, used m, f no insurance, health expense
2 uncertainty, quality, quantity, acceptability heat, insulation, hot-water 7/3 used f  
3   lighting, heat, insulation, hot-water 7/3   m, f  
4 quality, quantity, acceptability lighting, heat, insulation, 6/3   m no insurance, health expense
5 quality jacked, lighting, heat, insulation, hot-water 4/1    
6 quality lighting, heat, insulation, hot-water, structure 3/1    health expense
7 quality, quantity, acceptability heat, insulation, hot-water, structure 7/3    
8 quantity heat, insulation, 7/3 used m  
  1. Residents to rooms is the ratio of residents to bedrooms and living room, not including separate kitchens; uncertainty indicates participants were uncertain they would be able to feed their family; quality indicates nearly exclusive consumption of inexpensive staple foods and limited consumption of preferred items such as fresh fruits, vegetables and meat; quantity indicates the family described situations where they ran out of food and did not have money or federal assistance to obtain more food; acceptability indicates the family had to rely on potentially unsustainable resources to obtain food when they ran out of money and formal food assistance such as church charities, borrowing from neighbors and relatives, and buying on credit; jacked indicates extension cord connection to electrical grid via neighbor; lighting indicates inadequate lighting such as candles, table lamps and broken or burned out light bulbs; heat indicates no central heating; insulation indicates no insulation in the home; hot-water indicates no working hot-water heater; structure indicates inadequate housing such as broken windows, doors, holes in flooring or leaks in roof and ceiling; clothing indicates insufficient funds to purchase adequate clothing; used indicates used clothing; m indicates poor adult male health; f indicates poor adult female health; no insurance indicates no health insurance, health expense indicates the family cannot afford medical care.