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Table 2 Enhanced Contractual Models of Health Service Governance through Lens of Social Accountability, Mongolia RED Assessment 2010

From: Taking action on the social determinants of health: improving health access for the urban poor in Mongolia

Contractual Models of Care Based on Essential Services Package Application of Social Accountability Lens
Capitation-based funding Capitation Based Funding (funding per capita) in addition to "Special Funds" Arrangements for Marginalized Populations
Outcomes-based funding Both Process and Outcomes Based Funding (for example financing of community participation and partnership building in addition to activities supporting achievement of coverage targets)
Planning and financing for officially registered populations Financing for officially registered populations as well as financing of the unregistered based on population estimates provided through micro-planning data
Processing health entitlements through facility-based operations Promoting population entitlements to health and social service access through active participation and networking in vulnerable sections of the community
Provision of primary medical care Promotion of primary health care through community partnering and networking with municipal authorities, NGOs and community leaders (in addition to delivery of standard package of medical benefits)
Facility-based operations Facility-based operations combined with active community search and engagement of the vulnerable for equity of access to health and social services