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Table 1 Findings of Improved Access, Mongolia RED Assessment 2010

From: Taking action on the social determinants of health: improving health access for the urban poor in Mongolia

Intervention At Risk Target Population Numbers at Risk Reached % of Identified at Risk Reached by the RED Strategy General Target Population in RED Catchment Areas % of Additional Population Reached through the RED Strategy
Additional immunized children 489 477 97.55 3126 (children 1-15) 15% of the target children for immunization
Additional registered populations at Family Group Practices clinics 2598 2485 95.65 8708(Total Population in RED Area) 28.5% of total registered population at the family clinics
Additional ANC care contacts 515 508 98.64 5616(Total ANC Contacts in RED Area) 9% of all ANC Contacts
Additional family planning contacts 1047 1047 100.00 96560(Total Family Planning Contacts in RED Area) 1.08% of all family planning contacts
Additional emergency food provision Not yet fully assessed 515 Not yet fully assessed 8708(Total Population in RED Area) 5.9% of Target population