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Table 2 Literature focus

From: Addressing indigenous health workforce inequities: A literature review exploring 'best' practice for recruitment into tertiary health programmes

Description of available literature No. of articles
   United States of America 37
   Australia 15
   New Zealand 13
   United Kingdom 3
   Canada 2
Population group  
   Underrepresented minorities* 37
   Indigenous® 24
   Māori˜ 12
   Pacific^ 11
Health profession focus  
   Medicine 40
   Nursing/Midwifery 31
   Dentistry 24
   Allied health professions§ 20
   Pharmacy 11
Research methods  
   Descriptive 55
   Student data analysis 34
   Surveys 24
   Interviews 14
   Focus Groups 11
   Workshops/seminars 10
Evidence of effectiveness  
   New evidence of effectiveness 42
   Process of recruitment 35
   Promising workforce outcomes 26
   Workforce achievement 10
Discussion of barriers 42
  1. * Ethnic, non-indigenous, non-dominant groups who make up a small proportion of the population representing a mixture of African-American, Hispanic and/or Asian/US Pacific.
  2. ® The original inhabitants of a country representing a mixture of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, Native American, Inuit, Metis or First Nation peoples.
  3. ~ Indigenous population of New Zealand
  4. ^ The heterogeneous composite of Pacific ethnic minority groups living in New Zealand (e.g. Samoan, Tongan, Cook Island Māori)
  5. § A mixture of Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Mental Health, Osteopathic Medicine, Health Sciences