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Table 3 CORE-Q Consolidated Criteria for Reporting Qualitative Research [68]

From: A rapid equity focused health impact assessment of a policy implementation plan: An Australian case study and impact evaluation

No Item Description
Domain 1: Research Team and Reflexivity
  Personal Characteristics
1 Interviewer/facilitator Ben Harris-Roxas
2 Credentials Master of Policy and Applied Social Research, currently enrolled in a PhD
3 Occupation Research Fellow, University of New South Wales
4 Gender Male
5 Experience and Training Has undertaken several qualitative studies, trained in interviewing, qualitative analysis and using NVivo [92]
  Relationship with participants
6 Relationship established A relationship existed with all interviewees prior to the interviews
7 Participant knowledge of the interviewer Knew the researcher has worked on HIA and health equity for several years, have had contact through other activities than the HIA described
8 Interviewer characteristics Is doing a PhD on EFHIA
Domain 2: Study Design
  Theoretical Framework
9 Methodological orientation and theory Analysis based on a modified version of Calaizzi's framework [69]
  Participant Selection
10 Sampling Purposive
11 Method of approach Email
12 Sample size 5
13 Non participation 0
14 Setting of data collection Participants' workplaces
15 Presence of non-participants No
16 Description of sample A mix of those who conducted the HIA and those who were responsible for implementing its recommendations
  Data Collection
17 Interview guide Not provided in advance, piloted on 2 interviews not included in study
18 Repeat interviews No
19 Audio/visual recording Audio
20 Field notes No
21 Duration Mean 24 minutes, Range 20 minutes (min) to 33 minutes (max)
22 Data saturation Yes, authors decided that saturation was reached after 5 interviews
23 Transcripts returned No
Domain 3: Analysis and Findings
  Data Analysis
24 Number of data coders 3
25 Description of the coding tree No
26 Derivation of themes Derived from the data
27 Software NVivo [92]
28 Participant checking No
29 Quotations presented Yes, each participant is numbered when quoted
30 Data and findings consistent Yes
31 Clarity of major themes Yes
32 Clarity of minor themes No