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Table 1 Summary of DHB responses to questions about chronic care management

From: Health equity in the New Zealand health care system: a national survey

  Median (Range)
Inequalities in Health Care  
Strategic focus to reduce inequalities 8 (4-11)
Commitment to Māori and developing cultural safety 8 (3-10)
Commitment to cultural safety when working with people diverse in ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, and with different physical and mental abilities 6 (2-9)
Level of equitable access to health care 6 (3-9)
Community Linkages  
Linking patients to outside resources 7 (2-9)
Partnership with community organizations 6 (4-11)
Traditional healers and complementary alternative therapists 4 (1-7)
Biculturalism as a continuum with a graduation of goals and a number of possible structural arrangements 8 (3-10)
Partnerships with consumers 7 (2-9)
Self Management Support  
Assessment and documentation of self management needs and activities 4 (0-10)
Self management support 5 (0-10)
Addressing concerns of patients and families/whanau 5 (2-10)
Effective behavior change interventions and peer support 6 (2-10)
Patient engagement with the chronic care management program 4.5 (2.5-10)
  1. N = 15 DHBs. Responses to each item were scored on a scale from 0-11. Scores 0-2 indicate "little support", 3-5 "basic support", 6-8 "good support" and 9-11 "full support".